How to contribute

Run a screenshot factory

If you have some cheap bandwidth and a computer that is running most of the time, set up a factory and let it start making screenshots. You can use our screenshot factory reference implementation in Python, or you can write your own in your favorite programming language. If you want to run a screenshot factory, see How To Create A New Screenshot Factory

Submit bug reports, feature requests, patches

If you have any idea for improvement, please let us know.

If you find a problem, please report it to us using this form.

The source code for this project is available from the Subversion repositories or in the released ZIP files.

If you want to improve the software, fix bugs or add features, you can download or checkout the source from and send patches to [email protected].

Bookmark, blog and spread the word

As with most open-source projects, positive feedback from visitors can be a great motivation factor. Some people have already added Browsershots to their Delicious bookmarks, and some have blogged about it. That's good because it gives some traffic, and it shows us that people like the idea. You may also write an article about us, send out a tweet, or recommend it to all designers you know.

Apply to become a translator

Browsershots has a multi-language interface to make it more personal for all users around the world. If you would like to help us do some translations, please drop a message to [email protected]

Pay for priority processing service

We do have a paid service call Priority Processing which will put your requests ahead in the queue. This saves your time to get screenshots and help us pay off some development and hosting cost.