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Browsershots is a long established and trusted service for web developers to do browser compatibility test. It has been used to tested over 10 million web pages and over 100 millions screenshots uploaded since establishment.' }} While it does not require account registration, it still has more than 80,000 web developers registered accounts with us.


Alexa: 6,600 (#1 in this niche, as of 2010-05-30)

Compete: 22,700 (#1 in this niche, as of 2010-05-30)

Page impressions: 2,000,000+ per month (as of May, 2010)

Delicious Bookmarks: 33,500 (Top 10 in "design" category and top 3 in "web design" category, as of 2010-05-30)

Registered Users: 86,500 (We dont require any kinds of registration but we still have 86,500 registered users which means most of them are serious web developers. as of 2010-05-30)

Available Banner Options

Header Banner (All Pages): $500 per month

Header Banner (All Pages): $1,350 per 3-month ($450 per month)

Right Banner (All Pages): $500 per month

Right Banner (All Pages): $500 per month

Please send creatives to [email protected] after payment made. We will put your advertisement up immediately.

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If you have any ideas on customizing an advertising campaign for your comapny, dont hesitate to let us know.